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THE INTERNET FUCKS UP EVERYTHING! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Byaw Byawww

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Well.. [Jan. 17th, 2004|05:25 pm]
Byaw Byawww
Seeing as a certain person who shouldn't be reading my journal has deemed me unintelligent based off of my internet journal's ramblings, I have decided to make a new journal which can be found at help_computer. Good luck reading my entries there.
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2003|05:59 am]
Byaw Byawww
saw the new and hip lord of the rings movie opening night at like 12 am, what was i thinking

..movie fucking sucked.

no jk guys it was a good movie
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OMG IMPORTANT POST [Dec. 6th, 2003|04:53 pm]
Byaw Byawww
Not really, but hey, if anyone wants to stop by Value City after I get off work and visit me, I get off at around 11. I like when people stop by to see me after work. SOMEONE PLZ VISIT ME.
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buh [Dec. 4th, 2003|03:24 am]
Byaw Byawww
i am so sick of seeing exploding dog LJ icons. it's emo stick art people. christ.
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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2003|01:11 am]
Byaw Byawww
holy fuck did the show tonight suck

all the bands were excellent, but the crowd was a different story

these kids aren't interesting in enjoying the music anymore, rather than they want nothing more than to TOUCH JIMMY OMG and BEAT UP EVERYONE ELSE.

people compacted as much as possible, not realizing there was plenty of room to back up and allow breathing, but it was just horridly hot, sticky, pressing, and bad. i knew i wasn't going to have fun once i was spending more time trying to fend off people, breathe, and keep myself alive in general, than i spent trying to enjoy the music

even after the show was over, the band stood in front of the gate signing things, and people just PUSHED forward like they were going to leave THAT second, hitting other people in the head holding up whatever the fuck they wanted signed, rather than lining up nicely or at least calmly waiting for their turn. kristin actually had a really bad anxiety attack and had a LOT of trouble breathing, and they had to go sit her down in the front of the metro. it was all really horrid. next time we see msi, we're standing in the fucking balcony where people can enjoy the show and not get beaten to shit.

on the plus side, we were kind of in a off-limits part of the metro when kristin was sitting down, and we get to see and talk to lyn-z, who was out of commission the past few shows and tonight from a collapsed lung, but she was really nice and talked to us and signed our things. outside, we got to talk and hang with kevin and rob from tub ring, and mike and lee from daiquiri. they signed all our shit too, of course. then, of course, jimmy and steve came out to talk to people and sign things outside, but since everyone was so fucking hardcore about getting it inside, most of them left, so the few people outside got to calmly hang out with steve and jimmy.

all in all, it was worth it for the talks, pictures, and signatures we got, i think total:

jimmy signed - my MSI poster, ticket, sharon's pants, kristin's making-out-with-jimmy picture, the playing card kristin got that he had shoved down his crotch, and we got some good pictures with him
steve signed - my ticket, and we got a few pictures
rob and kevin signed - sharon's pants, my ticket, and a few pictures (dramatic pose)
mike and lee signed - my daiquiri CD, the police tape mike was wearing as a mask that kristin got ahold of, and some good pictures

after the show was easily the best part of the night. my advice to anyone seeing MSI in the future: if there is a balcony, go up there. seriously.
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mr. body massage machine GO [Nov. 23rd, 2003|04:10 pm]
Byaw Byawww
t minus twenty minutes until i leave for work to participate as a value city cashier for CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY

what this means is that every customer gets 20 percent off the total price of everything they get, which means today will be fucking busy as hell and packed to shit

it also means tons and tons of foreign people that can barely speak english not being able to comprehend the total price of their order and demanding money off shirts because they happened to pick the couple with some sort of pen marks on them out of the entire selection

gg value city
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STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADIN'! [Nov. 23rd, 2003|02:15 pm]
Byaw Byawww
I've discovered the secret to sleeping in my basement: sleeping bag.

Warmth galore.
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po,modo,,,,,,,,,d [Nov. 20th, 2003|08:57 am]
Byaw Byawww
[mood |cvcxvtreeeeeeeeee]
[music |sdfgfhdfubnppppppppppppp]

stayed up late downloading songs off marko on soulfood and talking about how hot jonathan davis is and how fucking stupid fieldy is so tirederompwe but to my credit i got three papers done doimfdmfmfmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasi
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sup [Nov. 10th, 2003|01:53 pm]
Byaw Byawww
man yesterday was totally my birthday i'm 19 now guys roolz post me some love or better yet give me something cool i didn't get anything cool for my last birthday T_T
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2003|09:36 am]
Byaw Byawww
i also stopped in video games etc and asked sean kelly if he has tried one, and he said "nah, it looks too stupid"

man is that guy ever NOT on the ball

also he said he wants to get some gp32s in his store, but he's not sure if anyone would buy them? marko? phil? it would be nice to see them stocked in a real store.
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